testedandproven.biz FAQs

How do I earn money here?

You can't earn money directly from TAP because we are a completely free service.

However, nothing speaks louder than REAL PROOF and proof is available for all our members to see.

When you promote TAP and introduce new members to our downline builder, they will see immediately which sites are performing and worth joining.

This makes it far more likely they will upgrade in those sites, earning you more commissions. We spend our money testing upgrades so our members can upgrade with confidence!

How is TAP different to other downline builders?

Most downline builders are just a collection of sites which the owner likes or has agreed to add in return for being added to someone else's.

The ONLY reason a site features in our downlinebuilder is because it delivers RESULTS and we show you the proof to back that up. No other downline builder does that.

No other downline builder explains why a program is worth to join and upgrade.

Contact via Email

We like to answer your questions at Skype. It's so much more personal and faster.

SKYPE: klausbiesel or pennyc1226

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